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Sunday, June 17, 2007


Animation & Multimedia: Courses in animation and multimedia offer opportunities to those who have artistic talents and imagination and have a passion for computer-based studies. The programs are for short duration. Anyone with a +2 qualification can get trained in this field. Multimedia involves a fine mixture of text, graphics, photographs, animation, video, sound and interactivity. Job opportunities are available in the fields of video production, publishing, fashion designing, textile designing, interior design and jewelry designing. This field is suitable both for men and women especially those who like to do freelancing either on part time or full time.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


There are about fifty branches of study at Polytechnic Colleges. These are the diploma courses approved by AICTE. The branches which are in great demand are: Computer Engineering, Computer Networking, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Information Technology and Instrumentation & Control Engineering. For other branches, you can refer the websites that I have given below.

We have to select the polytechnic colleges carefully. Before admitting the students it is necessary to check whether they are approved colleges. There are three groups of colleges. The first is Govt. Polytechnics, run by Education department of Govt. of Tamil Nadu. There are 17 Govt. colleges in Tamilnadu and 5 in Puducherry. The second group is the Govt. aided colleges. There are 34 such colleges in Tamilnadu. The third is the Self Financing Polytechnics. There are about 150 such Polytechnics.

Normally self financing institutions collect donations. The fee payable to Govt. and Govt. aided colleges is around Rs.5000 p.a. This consists of Tuition fee, Special fee and development fee. Self financing colleges charge around Rs.22,000 p.a.

You may refer the following websites for detailed informations:

Sunday, May 6, 2007


Our streets are now almost empty without children. School vacation started and the children have gone outstations to enjoy their holidays. Public examinations results are due to be published soon. Those who complete their 12th standard will choose their career and go to colleges. But what about those who complete their 10th standard? Usually, parents do not chalk out any program except asking the students to continue their schooling. When I was casually discussing with a career counsellor, some interesting matters emerged which I want to share with you all.

Students passing out 10th standard are grouped into three categories. The firt is below average students who score less than 50% average marks. According to the counsellor, they should continue their schooling and opt for arts subjects after 12th standard. The second category is brilliant students who score 75% and above average marks. It is good for them to continue their schooling and opt for professional courses like medical, engineering and accounting after completing their schooling.

The third category of students are those who score between 50 and 75% average marks. It is advised that these students stop and proceed to select their course of action. It is better for them to select Diploma courses and join polytechnics. After completing three years diploma course they can join engineering colleges through lateral entry. In lateral entry the student gets admission easily and he/she has to study the course only for three years instead of 4 years. He spends a total of 10+3+3=16 years. A student who joins B.E. after 12th standard also spends 10+2+4=16 years. The latter has to struggle to get admission whereas a diploma holder gets admission easily through lateral entry. More over, if the diploma holder gets lucrative employment after completing his diploma, he can join a job. When he completes his B.E., he will have a diploma and degree.

Please wait for my next post which will tell you the diploma courses and the selection of polytechnics etc.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Assalamu Alaikum.

You all must be aware of Wikipedia. It is a free encyclopedia on the web. The address of the site is: The site has a search box with which you can search the topic you are interested in. If you become a member of the site and if you are well informed about a subject, you too can post.

When I searched for Kayalpatnam and landed at the page I was really surprised to see the contents. The page has the following tag: “Any material not supported by sources may be challenged and removed at any time. This article has been tagged since March 2007.”

Let us see the contents. The second paragraph lists a few ‘pallies’ in the town. It says: “Kadal Karai Palli (the second mosque in India,first mosque of the town)”. Which is the first one in India? If a foreign tourist comes for research, do we have anything to prove this claim? Moreover, the content does not distinguish between tombs of saints (durgahs) and mosques. For example: Yousuf Appa Palli. Then go to the history part. The writer has doubts about the historical facts of Kayalpatnam. It reads as:”What is less certain, however, is whether that ancient port is what that exists today as the bustling town of Kayalpatnam. Several archeological evidences seem to suggest so, but still some doubts persist.”

While listing the masjids in the town, there is no chronological order of the mosques built. Latest one finds the first place. While listing the Islamic Colleges, the writers have forgotten the oldest ones: Mahlara, Zavia and recently found hifz madrasa Hameediya.

Then read the para ‘Why the name Kayalpatnam’. It says: “In Tamil, the word Kayal stands for the sea and the adjoining lands. Patnam literally means a city or town. Hence Kayalpatnam refers to the city adjoining the sea. Few towns nearby also carry Kayal as part of their name.” Is it so? If the answer is yes, is Kulasekarapatnam nearer to Kayalpatnam is a city? Do we have all infrastructures of a city?

The original inhabitants were Weavers of Nesavu Streets who were exporting sarees to Cleopatra (according to Prof. Abul Barakath), people of Parimar Street who were well versed with horses (Pari=horse) and people of Koman Street who were owners of ships (pai mara kappal) and sailors. No mention has been made anywhere about these original inhabitants. Poor Red Indians!

If you go through the entire page, you will see many contradicting and controversial matters which have been posted by immature persons or people who are interested in damaging the image and historical facts of the town. Unless we put in coordinated and concerted efforts, without any bias, the name of our town will be erased by some vested interests. Beware!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Cheaper & better internet connection

Let’s continue our discussion about Web earnings. We will discuss about Internet Connection which is cheap and best. In this discussion, I am not going to encourage you to go for broad band. If you have one, there is no problem. For those who intend to have Internet connection, I suggest BSNL’s Sancharnet PSTN connection. This is very cheap and good.

To get yourself connected to Sancharnet, you need a modem of 56 Kb installed in your PC and a land line phone. The modem is available for Rs.250 to Rs.500. Better select the best to avoid any future problem. Get a prepaid Internet PSTN card from BSNL for Rs.282. You can use this card for 50 hours and the validity of the card is one year from the date of purchase. If you browse Internet between 11P.M and 8 A.M. and during day time on Sundays, you are not charged and the balance in your Internet card will not get reduced. This is as regards Internet charge.

As you are browsing using landline phone, you have to pay for the phone charges. Between 7.31 A.M. and 10.30 P.M., the charge is full. The phone charge for internet usage is different from normal usage. The full charge is 7.50 minutes per call (against 2 mins. per call for normal usage). Between 10.31 P.M. and 7.30 A.M., the charge is half. That is 15 minutes per call. Therefore, if you browse between 10.31 P.M. and 7.30 A.M. for one hour, you have to pay for 4 calls, i.e. Rs.4/hour. Between 7.31 A.M. and 10.30 P.M., you have to pay for 8 calls, i.e. Rs.8/hour. Is it not cheaper?

For further details visit:


We wait in air ports either on transit or to board a plane. We wait in hospitals after taking a number. We wait in railway stations. We get ourselves bored and become impatient. Islam shows us the way to manage our stress and time. I have received the following from a visitor from Dubai which he had experienced in a hospital. This experience mended him for better. I wish all of us to mend ourselves, Insha Allah.

My young son has been unwell. I decided to take him to hospital.There were many waiting; perhaps we will be delayed by more than an hour. I took my number and sat down in the waiting room. There were many faces, young and old, but all silent. Some brothers made use of the many booklets available in the waiting room. Some of those waiting had their eyes closed, while others were looking around. Most were bored.

A young man grabbed my attention. He was reading a pocket-sized Quran continuously; not raising his head even once. At first I did not think much about him. However, after one hour of waiting my casual glances turned into a deep reflection about his lifestyle and how he utilizes his time. Then the call for prayer was made. We went to prayer in the hospital's Masjid. I tried to pray close to the man who was reading the Quran earlier in the waiting room. After the prayer I walked with him. I informed him of how impressed I was of him and how he tries to benefit from his time.

He told me that most of our time is wasted without any benefit. These are days that go from our lives without being conscious of them or regretting their waste. He said that he started carrying the pocket-sized Quran around when a friend encouraged him to make full use of his time. He told me that in the time other people waste he gets to read much more of the Quran than he gets to read either at home or in the Masjid. Moreover, besides the reward of reading the Quran, this habit saves him from boredom and stress.

He added that he has now been waiting for one and a half hours. Then he asked, when will you find one and a half hours to read the Quran? How much time do we waste? How many moments of our lives pass by, and yet we do not account for how they passed by? Indeed, how many months pass by and we do not read the Quran? I came to respect my companion, and I discovered that I am to stand for account and that time is not in my hand; so what am I waiting for?

My thoughts were interrupted by the nurse calling out my number; I went to the doctor. But I want to achieve something now. After I left the hospital I quickly went to the bookshop and bought a pocket-sized Quran. I decided to be mindful of how I spend the time.
If this information is beneficial to you, then please do forward it to your friends and relatives. Our Prophet (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) said; "Whoever guides or directs to good, then he gets the same amount of blessing (reward) as the one who does it" The Prophet (sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam) also said "Pass on knowledge from me even if it is only one verse".

To refresh your knowledge of Islam visit:

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


In my last post, I had mentioned about the freelance part-time Web Design requirement of one of our visitors. There may be so many others interested in doing part/full time freelance job in their skill areas. In our eagerness to get such jobs, we are cheated by people who are experts in cheating. This is called internet scam. I will be making an entry in future about the internet scams and Nigeria 419.

To get freelance job, there is one website called I am a member of this site for nearly two years. They invite both Service Buyer and Service Provider to register with them. (Just like the job portals invite Employers and Job seekers). When you want to do
free lance jobs, you are a Service Provider. It is free to register with the company. Those who join as ordinary members have to pay a commission of 10% or $5(whichever is greater) on every job you take up through this site. There are also Gold Members. If you want to become a gold member you have to pay $10 p.m. and you will not be charged any commission for the job you take up. For the time being, you can join as a regular member free of charge. If you are successful in getting jobs, never mind paying commission.

You can choose from any one or more of the following areas depending upon your skill. Just have a glance at these areas and note down your areas of interest before going to their site.

XML, Website Security, Visual Basic, Training, SEO, Proofreading, Photography, Logo Design Legal Advice, Java, Graphic Design, Electronics, Data Entry, C/C++ , ASP, Wireless, Website Design, Virtual Reality, Telemarketing, Script Installation, Project Management, Perl/CGI, Linux, JSP, J2EE, Flash, Delphi, Copywriting, Banner Design , .NET, Windows, Web Promotion, Translation, System Admin., Python, PHP, Market Research, Link Building, Javascript, Handheld / PDA, Engineering, Data Processing, Cold Fusion, Audio Services.

Once you register with them, you will be getting emails from the company suggesting you to bid for the jobs that are suitable to you. You have to bid for the job in their site. If you win the bid, you will be awarded the job. The Service buyer need not select the lowest bidder. He may select depending upon your profile you post.

The special feature of GetAFreelancer is that no body can cheat you. The site owners take a deposit from the Service Buyer once the bid is finalized. They will release the payment to you - the service provider - only after they get satisfactory clearance from the buyer. Payment is guaranteed by GetAFreelancer. You can get more information from the site and from FAQs. After registering your name with them, read the terms & conditions carefully. Never violate their norms.

Now you may click the following link to land at their site and register free as a Service Provider. Best of luck.

I will be writing more on this ‘part time free lance job’ topic in due course. Till then try GetAFreelancer.